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Fore Street, Redruth, 1870s. From Kresen Kernow, ref. corn0584

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King Edward Mine, Troon, 1892. Source: Kresen Kernow, ref. corn02343

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The Food Riots of 1847: Reader’s Responses:

  • as always very very interesting…
  • Absolutely mind blowing…why aren’t we taught this in school?
  • So much I was never told when a child in Redruth…
  • Your articles are so educating…
  • it’s absolutely amazing reading about our history…

Many thanks to all of you!

In Search of An Gof: Recent Responses:

My quartet of posts on the topic of An Gof divided opinion…

…well balanced and fair…Excellent, well-written, and thought provoking…Thanks for your research. I’m interested…Love this…

…I am disgusted…I am less than impressed…

Thanks to all for reading!

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