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Fore Street, Redruth, 1870s. From Kresen Kernow, ref. corn0584

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Who was the man who photographed the miners? How did he do it? What risks did he take? Didn’t he only ever work in Cornwall? Here’s a two-parter on the story of John Charles Burrow’s most important, and groundbreaking, photography…

The Man Who Photographed the Miners: J. C. Burrow in Cornwall and Wales

Kresen Kernow, AD 460/22

…Brilliant article and gives a surprisingly strong image of a miner’s life underground at the time…Excellent read about a pioneering photographer…a lot of research…

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The people are hungry! The miners are rising! This is the first of a series of weekly posts on the Cornish Food Riots of 1847. Was your town or village involved..?

The Cornish Food Riots of 1847: Background and Context

The Famine Statues, Custom House Quay, Dublin. By Rowan Gillespie, 1997

Absolutely mind blowing…why aren’t we taught this in school…Your articles are so educating…

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“…strong and rumbustiousmeticulously researched…a fascinating account…a great site…”