South Crofty pumping station, 195 fathom, early 1980s. My maternal grandfather, John Henry Williams

Welcome! My name’s Francis, I was born and raised in Camborne, and I am incredibly proud of my Cornish roots: I can trace my Family Tree back to Mawnan Smith in the 1740s. Though not a qualified historian, I do have a BA and MA in English Literature.

Please see the blog categories on my Homepage for a good overview of my areas of interest. You may call me a left-wing, or social historian. I generally write about the working classes, the poor, the criminal, the marginalised or oppressed, and the angry.

I provide all content on my website absolutely FREE, though I am always on the lookout for commissions, research, or simply a good juicy story! Contact me if:

  • You are an editor for an historical journal;
  • Require an article/essay on Cornish history;
  • Would like me to give a talk/presentation for your Local History Group;
  • Have an event from Cornwall’s past you would like investigated;
  • Have an historical incident from your Cornish town/village that you want researched;
  • Would like your Cornish sporting club’s history researched and/or written;
  • Require assistance with your Family Tree.

I must add at this point that, although the content on my website is free, for any service listed above, I will charge for. Just tell me exactly what it is you’re after, and we can take things from there.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and decide to get in touch!

What People Say…

That’s a great site.

Lee Trewhela, Chief Reporter, Cornwall Live, on The Camborne Riots of 1873 website

…strong and rumbustious… worth offering to an independent television producer.

Ian Grant, Chief Editor, Cornwall Editions Publishers, on The Camborne Riots of 1873 novel

…meticulously researched…a fascinating account of a little-known event in the town’s history.

Facebook post, Camborne Old Cornwall Society, 22 April 2021, on the Camborne Riots site