War and Emigration: The Family Tree

Australia, America…Wales?? Reading time: 20 minutes See boy, you know my Father ‘ad two brothers that were killed in First World War, didn’t ee..? No, I didn’t know that. In fact, I knew very little about my Family Tree until my uncle told me I had two great-uncles (brothers of my paternal grandfather), that hadContinue reading “War and Emigration: The Family Tree”

A Cornish Wife Sale

Or, Two Shillings and Sixpence Reading time: 5 minutes The many incarnations of Redruth Market… One of the many admirable achievements of Redruth Revival, a Community Interest Company working to breathe new life – and new business – into Redruth’s town centre, has been their restoration of the old Buttermarket. They have sought to forgeContinue reading “A Cornish Wife Sale”

Chapter Reading & Synopsis: The Camborne Riots of 1873

For those wanting to read and hear more… Reading time: 5 minutes; listening time: 9 minutes Okay, first off, I’m going to give you the synopsis, or brief outline, of my novel. It’s what I’ve been hawking around various publishers these past few months! Enjoy! The police force in Camborne are hated, a bunch ofContinue reading “Chapter Reading & Synopsis: The Camborne Riots of 1873”

Novel: The Camborne Riots of 1873

Not in any tourist guide… Reading time: 10 minutes Several months ago I contacted the Camborne Town website, asking if a link to my own site on the Riots of 1873 could be included somewhere on their pages, maybe with their entries for The Red Jackets or the Old Market House. I’ve heard nothing. SoContinue reading “Novel: The Camborne Riots of 1873”

Website: The Camborne Riots of 1873

One of the greatest displays of mining defiance in Cornish history… Reading time: 5 minutes Practically everything ever written – and there’s not much – about the riots in Camborne of October 1873 starts with The Red Jackets pub, and this post is no exception. This is because The Red Jackets, now a closed-down eyesore,Continue reading “Website: The Camborne Riots of 1873”