Sister Helen and Saint Barnabas

Sister Helen Phillipps-Treby was Head Nurse and General Manager of St Barnabas Hospital, Saltash, from 1896 to 1951. The span of her career covered some momentous changes in nursing and society, and the way nursing was viewed by this rapidly changing society. The story of Sister Helen is also the story of the early years of St Barnabas Hospital…

In Search of An Gof: Cornish Extremism, 1980-1990, and Beyond

A controversial series of four posts from November 2021. What was the story behind the alleged attacks of the ‘An Gof’ group in the 1980s? Why do Cornish nationalists get offended at the perceived tarnishing of the historical An Gof by the group’s use of his name? Is An Gof’s reputation as a Cornish martyr justified? Is there a version of ‘An Gof’ today?