In Search of An Gof, Conclusion: An Gof Today?

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“Emmets go home”, Pedn Vounder beach, August 2021. From Cornwall Live

Democracy has failed in Kernow. Many Cornish organisations have campaigned for years to achieve home rule for Kernow and have failed. Anything like home rule is unlikely in Kernow as the Celtic population is diminishing. We believe that direct action is the only way.

The A30, near Bodmin, summer 2021. Understandably, Cornwall’s tourism chiefs were appalled

Anglophobia…reduced morale as a result of low status and marginalization linked to economic and social circumstances (p28, 36).

The graffiti cropped up overnight
From Cornwall Live, August 2021

This erosion of Cornish autonomy has now accelerated and become entrenched beyond anything An Gof might have imagined would happen back then, sadly.

Geoff, worryingly, was not talking about Michael Joseph An Gof.

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